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    Effects of NaOH Concentration on Structure and Properties of Nano-Fe3O4/Cellulose Composite Membrane
    ZHANG Xiao-jun, MA Xiao-jun
    2016, 50 (5):  1-6.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5854.2016.05.001
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    Using NMMO-cellulose memberane as matrix and NaOH as precipitant,Fe3O4/cellulose composite membranes were prepared by in-situ co-precipitation method.The effects of NaOH concentration on the structure and properties of composite membranes were studied by scanning electron microscopy(SEM),X-ray diffraction(XRD), Fourier transform infrared spectrometer(FT-IR),thermal gravimetric analyzer(TGA) and vibration sample magnetometer(VSM).Results showed that the spherical magnetic Fe3O4 nanopartieles were dispersed uniformly and immobilized in the cellulose membranes, and the crystallite size of Fe3O4 on the surface of composite membrane increased with NaOH concentration increasing.FT-IR spectra showed that there were good interactions between cellulose and Fe3O4 in the membranes.The thermal stability of the composite membrane increased with the increase of NaOH concentration from 1.0 mol/L to 3.0 mol/L,and the residue rate of composite membrane increased from 19.3% to 23.8%.VSM showed that Fe3O4/cellulose composite membranes showed good superparamagnetic property,and magnetic properties of the composite membrane improved by increasing the NaOH concentration.
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    Preparation of Porous Biological Carrier with Aspen MWL and LCC and Application in Culture of Human Hepatocytes
    WU Chen-xi, YE Zhe-zi, LE Xi, WANG Peng, XIE Yi-min
    2016, 50 (5):  7-11.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5854.2016.05.002
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    In order to compare the biocompatibility of milled wood lignin (MWL) and lignin-carbohydrate complexes(LCC),MWL and LCC were prepared with aspen wood in the present research.Hydrogels were prepared with these materials.Then,porous biological carriers were obtained by freeze-drying.Fourier transform infrared spectrometer(FT-IR) and scanning eletron microscope(SEM) were applied to elucidate the composition and morphology of the porous biological carriers.Inverted microscope,albumin and glucose kits were used to monitor the morphology and metabolic activity of the cultured hepatocytes.The results indicated that LCC based carriers contained more carbohydrates and less lignin.Therefore,its amphipathicity is better than the MWL based carriers.The porosity of the MWL and LCC based carriers was about 60% with average pore size of 30 μm.The results of analysis of cell growth,albumin and glucose metabolism showed that porous biological carriers prepared with aspen LCC could promote the growth of human hepatocytes during culture signficantly. Its biocompatibility is better than that of MWL.
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    Preparation and Structural Characterization of Hydroxymethylated Lignin Assisted by Microwave Irradiation
    XIA Cheng-long, GUO Teng-fei, XU Yu-zhi, WANG Chun-peng
    2016, 50 (5):  12-16.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5854.2016.05.003
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    In order to improve the utilization efficiency and reactivity of lignin,the hydroxymethylate modification was carried out under microwave heating.The reaction conditions were optimized by measuring the amount of formaldehyde consumption.The optimal reaction conditions were 80℃,pH value 10.5 and reaction time 30 min.The reaction time of microwave heating could be shortened compared with the conventional method and the efficiency of the hydroxymethylate modification of lignin could be improved significantly.The lignin and modified lignin were characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy(FT-IR),nuclear magnetic resonance hydrogen spectrum(1H NMR) and gel permeation chromatograph(GPC).The results showed that the content of hydroxyl group and reactive activity of modified lignin increased.The number-average molecular weight(Mn) and weight-average molecular weight(Mw) of acetylated hydroxymethylation lignin increased,as well as the molecular weight distribution(Mw/Mn) tended to be wider compared with those of the acetylated lignin.
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    Effects of Storage Methods of Oil Camellia Seeds on the Oil Quality
    XU Shuai, SU Jiang-cong, ZHENG De-yong
    2016, 50 (5):  17-21.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5854.2016.05.004
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    Seven different kinds of storage methods for Camellia meriocarpa Hu. seeds were adopted to investigate their effect on the camellia and oil qualities.The oil content of oil camellia seed and acid value,peroxide value,unsaponifiable substance amount of the oil were analyzed once a month during one year.In addition,the moisture content and the yield of nuts of fresh oil camellia seeds were detected at the same frequency.The results showed that after storing for 12 monthes the different storage conditions had no significant effect on the oil content and unsaponifiable substance content,but they affected the acid value and peroxide value significantly.In consideration of the oil qualities,dried oil camellia seeds stored in glass bottle at -18℃ had stable oil content and unsaponifiable substance amount,and the acid value and peroxide value also staied at the lowest level among the samples with the values of 1.46 mg/g and 16.60 mmol/kg after 12 monthes,respectively.
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    Optimization of Fermentation Conditions and Moisturizing Properties of Lingzhi Mushroom Extract
    HUA Yang-lin, ZHANG Miao, LI Jun, WANG Qun, CHEN Tong, TANG Jian, CAO Yong
    2016, 50 (5):  22-28.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5854.2016.05.005
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    With Lingzhi mushroom extract as raw material,Bacillus natto, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Kefir bacteria were screened for proper fermentation strain.Bacillus natto was used as fermentation strain to develop Lingzhi mushroom broth.According to the moisturizing rate,the fermentation process conditions were optimized based on the single factor test and orthogonal experiments.The optimal fermentation conditions could be concluded as follows:fructose 6%,ammonium chloride 8.5%,inoculum amount 12%,fermentation temperature 31℃ and fermentation period 32 h.Under these conditions,the moisturizing rate of Lingzhi mushroom for 8 h was 11.51%.This was better than the positive control group SK-Ⅱ,10% glycerol,Lingzhi extract and bland media.
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    Sythesis and Characterization of Acrylate Monomer Derived from Tannins Model Compound
    XIAO Feng-long, WEI Min, ZHAO Jian, JIANG Jian-chun, HOU Min
    2016, 50 (5):  29-33.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5854.2016.05.006
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    Methyl gallate acrylate (MG-AC) was prepared by reaction between methyl gallate (MG) (tannins model compound) and acryloyl chloride (AC).The effects of temperature and raw materials molar ratio on the yield of product were investigated.FT-IR,GC-MS,elemental analysis,13C NMR and GPC were used to characterize its structure and polymerization activity.And then,the optimum synthesis conditions were 35℃,molar ratio of AC and MG 1.1:1.Under these conditions,the yield of product was 83.9%.FT-IR results showed that the acrylate-functional-group was successfully grafted onto methyl gallate.GC-MS results showed that the purity of methyl gallate acrylate was 98.86%.Elemental analysis indicated that the mass fractions of carbon,hydrogen and oxygen were 55.46%,4.20% and 40.33%,respectively.They almost agreed to the theoretical value of MG-AC.Thus,the synthesized MG-AC was monosubsituted monomer.13C NMR results comfirmed the monosubsituted structure of monomer.GPC analysis results showed that the MG-AC could polymerize in the presence of the initiator,and the Mw,Mn and Mw/Mn of the polymer were 13 637,11 820 and 1.15.All the results showed that the methyl gallate acrylate was successfully synthesized and had good polymerization activity.
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    Effect of Activated Carbon Modification on Pd/C Catalyst for Rosin Disproportionation
    WANG Zhao-wen, YAN Jiang-mei, PAN Li-juan, ZENG Yong-kang, LI Yue-feng, ZENG Li-hui
    2016, 50 (5):  34-38.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5854.2016.05.007
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    Pd/C catalyst was prepared by deposition-precipitation method with the mass fraction of Pd 4% and the activated carbon supports were modified with HNO3,HCl,H2O2 and NH3·H2O,respectively.The specific surface area,pore structure,point of zero charge(PZC) and metallic dispersion of activated carbon were carried out in order to account for the effects of activated carbon modified with different reagents on catalytic activity of Pd/C catalyst in the rosin disproportionation.The results showed that the surface area and pore diameter of activated carbon modified with NH3·H2O increased,and the point of zero charge also enhanced.They were beneficial to well metallic dispersion on the surface of carbon materials.The Pd/C catalyst reached the highest catalytic activity,with the yield of dehydroabietic acid up to 81.7% under the conditions of 0.03% catalyst input at 280℃ for 2 h.
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    Pollution Characteristics and Loads in Wastewater of Chemimechanical Pulp of Wheat Straw by Two-stage Impregnated Process
    ZHANG Hua-lan, FANG Gui-gan, SHI Ying-qiao, SHEN Kui-zhong, RAN Miao, HAN Shan-ming, DING Lai-bao, PAN Ai-xiang
    2016, 50 (5):  39-44.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5854.2016.05.008
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    The pollution characteristics of wastewater from the two-stage impregnated process of wheat straw chemimechanical pulp(CTMP) with different alkali charges were analyzed comprehensively.The relationships of the pulp yield and pollution load were discussed.The results showed that good pulp properties could be obtained at low refining energy consumption with two-stage NaOH impregnation process while the total alkali charges in the whole pulping process were 3%-5% with the pulp yields of 73.1%-78.9%.Meanwhile,the produced wastewater had the chemical oxygen demand(COD) pollution load of 270.5-446.0 kg/t,the five days' biochemical oxygen demand(BOD5) pollution load of 181.3-228.2 kg/t and the suspended solid(SS) pollution load of 47.62-124.30 kg/t. The BOD5/COD ratios of 0.422-0.466 meaned that the wastewater was easy to be treated by the biochemical treatment process.By the suitable ratio of mBOD5:mN:mP of the wastewater,its N and P element were enough to meet the needs of microorganism in the anaerobic-aerobic biochemical treatment.With the increase of the alkali charge,the yield of wheat straw CMP pulps declined,while the corresponding pollution loads increased.The relation formula of the pulping yield(Y) and COD pollution loads(L) was L=5 884-11 670Y+5 800Y2,R2=0.995 with the total alkali charge of 0-8%.
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    Advances in Cellulose-based Stimulus-responsive Materials
    NAN Jin-sheng, CHEN Qian, XING Jian-xiong, WANG Kun, SUN Run-cang
    2016, 50 (5):  45-52.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5854.2016.05.009
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    The cellulose-based stimulus-responsive materials have great advantages of sustainable development,biocompatibility,low cost and availablility,comparing with the traditional stimulus-responsive materials.In this paper,the preparation and functional properties of the cellulose-based stimulus-responsive materials were outlined,when the responsive source was taken as a clue.The influencial factors of functional effects were mainly discussed,and the application prospects of cellulose-based stimulus-responsive material were proposed.
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    Research Progress of Determination Method of Bio-based Content in Bio-based Solid Material
    DENG Kun-ming, WANG Peng-fei, MA Yan, WANG Hong-xiao, SHEN Juan-zhang, TAN Wei-hong
    2016, 50 (5):  53-59.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5854.2016.05.010
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    The determination methods of bio-based content in bio-based solid material,including the selective dissolution method(SDM) and 14C method,were reviewed.The precision of SDM was relatively lower,and its sample preparation was more complex and time consuming.14C method contained liquid scintillation counting(LSC) method,which included CO2 absorption method,direct LSC method and benzene synthesis,and accelerator mass spectrometry(AMS) method.CO2 absorption method was simple,fast and low cost,but it was also low precision.This method was suitable for the sample requirement for not high precision.The sample preparation of direct LSC method was the simplest in all methods,but it had a high requirement on the samples.This method had a lot of interference factors which were difficult to be eliminated.Benzene synthesis method had high precision,but the sample pretreatment took time,and the measuring period was long.Accelerator mass spectrometry was a rapid detection method and also had high precision,but the equipment was extremely expensive.These all limited its application.Finally,the prospects for their future development were also presented.
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    Development of UV Light-dark Dual Curing System
    MAO Wei, LI Shou-hai, HUANG Kun, LI Mei, XIA Jian-ling
    2016, 50 (5):  60-66.  doi: 10.3969/j.issn.1673-5854.2016.05.011
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    Firstly,the research status of UV light-dark dual curing was reviewed.Then the UV light curing reaction,the curing reaction types of dark polymerization reaction and UV-moisture,UV-thermal,UV-air and compound type dual curing ways of the UV light-dark dual curing system were emphatically introduced.Compared with single UV light curing technology,UV light-dark dual curing had a very good solution to solve the problems of undercured system and so on induced by single UV light curing system.Moreover,the curing membrane produced by UV light-dark dual curing technology generally had some advantages,such as good chemical stability,excellent corrosion resistance and less environmental pollution.
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