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Publishing Process

  • Biomass Chemical Engineering (BCE) publishes original research articles and reviews in the fields of biomass energy, biomass chemicals, biomass new materials, biomass natural active ingredients, pulp and paper, etc.

    1 Preparation

    1.1 Online Submission Manuscripts submitted to BCE must be submitted through our web-based submission system(http://www.bce.ac.cn/). Submissions by E-mail will not be accepted. Author Login By submitting a paper for publication in BCE, the authors imply that the material has not been published previously and is not under active consideration elsewhere.

    1.2 Declaration and Verification Files There are some essential declaration and verification files need to be submitted “Copyright Transfer Agreement”.

    2. Criteria and Precautions

    (1) Overall requirements: Articles should be creative, scientific, readable and practical. There must be authentic information, explicit arguments, a clear hierarchy, and reliable data. Please perform statistical processing when necessary. The sentences should be concise.

    (2) Title: The title should concisely and accurately reflect the theme of the article and should not exceed 25 Chinese characters. Abbreviations should be avoided.

    (3) Authorship: Each author of the manuscript should be the creator or designer of the academic content of the essay or a drafter. They should be able to make amendments according to the comments from the reviewers and editors or to attend to the defense of the paper’s content in the academic community. Individuals with direct involvement in the study but not included as authors may be acknowledged. The authors may be sorted according to their contributions, and the organization of the authors should be indicated. If the authors belong to different organizations, use a superscripted 1, 2, or 3 after the authors’ names to indicate the corresponding organizations.

    (4) Number of words: Basic research and review articles should not exceed 9 000 words, including English abstracts, figures, tables and references.

    (5) Funding: If the study was funded by national, departmental or provincial projects or research projects, the name and the number of the funding projects should be indicated.

    (6) Abstract: The abstract of original studies should have approximately 300-500 words and should summarize the content of the article under the subheadings “Objectives,” “Methods,” “Results,” and “Conclusions.”

    (8) Key words: 3-8 key words best reflecting the theme and content of the manuscript should be selected, and they should conform to.

    (9) English items: The title, author names (including corresponding author), organization names, addresses, postcodes, abstract, figure legends, and table titles in English should correspond with those in Chinese. The first three authors should be listed; “et al.” can be added to represent more than three authors in References.

    (10) Introduction: Introduction state the objectives of the work and provide an adequate background, avoiding a detailed literature survey or a summary of the results.

    (11)Material and method: Provide sufficient details to allow the work to be reproduced by an independent researcher.

    (12)Results: Results should be clear and concise.

    (13)Discussion and Conclusions: Discussion should explore the significance of the results of the work, not repeat them. The main conclusions of the study may be presented in a short Conclusions section, which may stand alone or form a subsection of a Discussion or Results and Discussion section.

    (14)Figures and tables: Request attached.

    (15) References: Request attached.

    (16) Contact: The department of the organization of the authors, address for correspondence, postcode, phone number, fax number and email address should be listed in detail.

    3. Submission processing and publishing fees

    (1) Papers should be submitted via the “author submission system” on the journal’s service platform. Authors will be notified of the decision within 3 months and can check the status of the submission through the system.

    (2) The editorial office will contact the corresponding author, first author, or contact person notified by the first author (or second author) regarding matters related to the manuscript.

    (3) The original manuscript should be kept by the authors as the submitted manuscript will not be returned.

    (4) Authors are responsible for their own manuscript. According to “Copyright Law,” the journal has the right to make amendments to the manuscript within the stated provisions. In the case of any modifications involving the original meaning, the journal will ask for suggestions from the author. If it is not possible for the authors to submit a revised manuscript within 3 months, the journal will consider the paper a new submission.

    (5) Upon acceptance, the authors should send a digital copy of the document for timely publication, and the paper to be published shall be charged with the page fee according to the relevant regulations. The charging standard is: 250 yuan/page(in publication format); if there are color plates and color pictures, an additional 500 yuan/paper color plate fee will be charged.

    (6) The authors will be provided 2 issues of the journal after publication of the accepted paper. The authors should contact the editorial office if additional issues are needed.

    (7)To adapt to the domestic construction of informatization and to expand the channels of communication between the journal and the authors, the journal has been included in a number of databases. The copyright fee of the article and the royalties will be one-time payments. Statistically analyzed data regarding article citations will be provided to the authors freely. If the authors refuse to allow the article to be included in the databases, the authors should provide a statement when submitting the manuscript, and the journal will make appropriate arrangements.

    (8) All accepted manuscripts will be published in paper, e-journal, or HTML format or in databases.

    (9) Once the article has been published, the editorial office has the right to the exclusive use of the article.

    (10) Address of the editorial office: No. 16, Suojin Wucun, Nanjing 210042, P.R. China

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