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  • The figures and tables in the text should be insert in the desired position. Form and content should be checked carefully to minimize the need for corrections in the proofs. Number tables consecutively as they are mentioned in the text, and refer to them actively, rather than parenthetically, when the first time they are discussed. Provide a concise title for each table, and label each column with an unambiguous heading. If footnotes are needed for clarity, designate them with arabic numerals in the order in which they are referenced in the table.

    Submit figures that are professionally prepared. Figures should be unambiguous, as conceptual as possible, and provide enough information so that the reader can understand them without significant input from the text. Provide a short title for each figure. In line drawing, all lines should be of uniform thickness, letters and numbers should be of professional quality and proper dimensions. Computer drawings are acceptable provided if they are of comparable quality to line drawings and suitable for reproduction. Lines (or curves) and symbols must be drawn boldly enough to stand reduction to the desired size. Figure legends should be concise and descriptive, and should not repeat information presented in the text.

    Photographs should exhibit high contrast. Irregular and asymmetrically distributed group of photographs will not be accepted: it is always possible by adjusting to produce a pleasing layout.

    Once the manuscript is accepted, please save all the pictures in the text to TIFF/JPG format and send it to the bce@vip.163.com.

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