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    30 January 2006, Volume 40 Issue 1    Next Issue
    Study on Preparation of Biodiesel and Recovery and Refining Technology of Glycerol from its By-product
    YANG Kai-hua;JIANG Jian-chun;NIE Xiao-an;XU Qiu-yun
    2006, 40 (1):  1-4. 
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    Preparation of biodiesel as well as recovery and refining of glycerol from the by-product of biodiesel was researched.The effects of solvent,pH value of solution and distilling temperature on yield of pure glycerol are also discussed.The optimal process conditions for the transesterification(reaction) of rapeseeds oil are:methanol to oil ratio at 6 :1,1% KOH(W%) of oil,reaction temperature 60℃,reaction time 90 min.Fatty acid methyl ester yield is more than 98.1% at the best technology conditions.The best operations for the recovery and refining technology of glycerol are as follows: the bottom layer of transesterification product was diluted with methanol,then was neutralized to pH=5.0-7.0.The purity of refined glycerol is 97.52%.
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    Preparation of Modified Wood by Cyanoethylation under Microwave Radiation
    WAN Dong-bei;YIN Bo;LUO Xu-zhong
    2006, 40 (1):  5-8. 
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    China fir was modified by cyanoethylation under microwave radiation.The cyanoethylated wood was characterized by IR.The same weight gain((50%)-(60%)) could be obtained as that of conventional method,but the reaction time was shortened from the primary(240 min) to(120 min).The reaction conditions are as follows: 2 g of China fir is soaked in saturated and low(concentrated) NaOH solution for(60 min),cyanoethylene(17 mL),temperature 40-(50℃),radiation time 20-(60 min)(the actual reaction time 80-(120 min)) and(30%) of 650 W microwave power.
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    Influence of Extraction Method on Content of Bioactive Component Squalene in Seed Oil of Camellia Oleifera Abel
    LI Dong-mei;WANG Jing;BI Liang-wu;ZHAO Zhen-dong
    2006, 40 (1):  9-12. 
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    The bioactive compound squalene was firstly detected in seed oil of Camellia oleifera Abel by GC analysis,GC-MS(analysis) of the methyl ester of the seed oil,and co-chromatography with standard compounds.Influence of extraction method on squalene content in the seed oil was studied.The research results show that squalene in the seed oil is on relative high level,and the squalene content changes with the difference of extraction method or solvents.The squalene content in the seed oil from direct expression method,extraction with hexane,petroleum ether,acetone,and chloroform is 2.98%,7.62%,0.94%,(0.29%),and 0.54%,respectively.
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    Study on Technology of Modified Aminosulfonic Acid-based Superplasticizer by Vegetable Tannin
    JIANG Xin-yuan;CHEN Qian-wen;WAN Xiao-qing
    2006, 40 (1):  13-16. 
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    In this paper the modifying technology of vegetable tannin in place of phenol partially to produce aminosulfonic acid-based superplasticizer was studied.The result indicates that the better modified technological conditions are as follow:mass percent of vegetable tannin to total vegetable tannin and phenol is between (25%)-(37.5%),reaction time is about (3 h),temperature is about (90℃),and pH is between 9.0-11.0.The modified product has a little worse dispersing capability than that of(unmodified) product,but its slump loss is a little bigger.When the dosage in cement is (0.5%),and the water-cement ratio is(0.28 :1),the fluidity of cement paste added modified and unmodified product is 240 and (252 mm),respectively.
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    The Blumea Balsamifera Powder:Technical Research of Reaping and Abstracting in Plantation Area
    JIANG Xing-long;PAN Jun-feng;SI Jian;PAN Ben-xue
    2006, 40 (1):  17-20. 
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    The Blumea balsamifera powder is a crude product of borneol.The plantation area of Blumea balsamifera is far from factory,so it costs too much traffic expenses.On the other hand,the traditional processing leads to low rate of abstraction.In order to decrease the production costs of Blumea balsamifera powder and effectively improve the rate of abstraction,many experiments have been carried out on the abstraction technotogy of Blumea balsamifera since 2002.The results show that the output and rate of abstraction Blumea balsamifera powder was improved when the plant was picked up from October to December and extracted with condensation distillation for 1h.
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    A Review on Fast Pyrolysis of Biomass
    LIN Mu-sen;JIANG Jian-chun
    2006, 40 (1):  21-26. 
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    Biomass energy is an important part of renewable energy,and it has the characteristics of abundant resource and low pollution.A striking attention has been paid to research,development and utilization of biomass in the 21st century.In this paper technical methods of biomass conversion are introduced mainly on the way of fast pyrolysis for bio-oil,The research about fast(pyrolysis) and its reactor nowadays,the collection and(analysis) of bio-oil and measures what we should take to this field are also indicated in this article.
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    Research Progress in Technology on High-pressure Liquefaction of Biomass
    WEN Cong-ke;QIAO Xu;ZHANG Jin-ping;TANG Ji-hai;CUI Mi-fen
    2006, 40 (1):  32-34. 
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    Domestic and overseas research progress in technology on high-pressure liquefaction of biomass is reviewed.The main factors affecting high-pressure liquefaction of biomass,such as material types,catalysts,solvents,reaction temperature,reaction time,reaction pressure and the atmosphere of reaction,etc.are summarized and analyzed.And it is pointed out that the technology on high-pressure liquefaction of biomass is one of conversion technologies which have great potential development.
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    The Present Situation and Research Progress in Bio-hydrogen Production Technology
    ZHANG Quan-guo;YOU Xi-feng;ZHANG Jun-he
    2006, 40 (1):  27-31. 
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    This paper reviews the present situation,research progress and problems in Bio-hydrogen production technology.Based on the hydrogen producing principles and!characteristics,various kinds of bio-hyrogen production technologies are(compared) and analyzed,and the main research directions and developing tendency are prospected.
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    Progress of Application of Hemicellulose and Its Derivatives as Additives in Papermaking
    REN Jun-li;SUN Run-cang;LIU Chuan-fu
    2006, 40 (1):  35-39. 
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    With the gradual decrease in the oil resources in the world,more and more attention has been paid to the exploitation and the requirement of the renewable resources.In this paper the applications of hemicelluloses extracted from wood and(non-wood) plant as wet end additives in papermaking were introduced in detail,meanwhile,the foreground of the application of hemicelluloses was discussed.
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    Brief Introduction to Clean Development Mechanism(CDM)
    DAI Wei-di
    2006, 40 (1):  40-44. 
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    In this article,the basic knowledge and development state of the Clean Development Mechanism(CDM) in the world is introduced.According to the situation of our country,it is considered that it is very important and significant to implement CDM in China.
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