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Effects of Catalyst CaO on Fast Pyrolysis of Pine for the Production of Bio-oils

YUAN Liang, LIU Yun-quan, WANG Duo, ZANG Yun-hao

  1. School of Energy Research, Xiamen University, Xiamen 361102, China
  • Received:1900-01-01 Revised:1900-01-01 Online:2013-07-30 Published:2013-07-30

Abstract: The effects of CaO on fast pyrolysis of pine were investigated in a small bubbling fluidized bed reactor. The generated pyrolysis vapor was condensed by three-stage cooling: quench with coolant at the first stage, water cooling with shell-and-tube heat exchanger at the second stage, and ice bath cooling at the last stage. The liquids obtained from each stage were named bio-oil 1, bio-oil 2 and bio-oil 3, correspondingly. It was found that with the addition of CaO to pine, the water content in bio-oils increased, the heating value decreased, the pH increased, the content of ketones and hydrocarbons increased while phenols decreased. The bio-oils stability tests showed that phenols content increased (increased to 50% when 30% of CaO is added), esters decreased and the water content increased after the bio-oils stored for 30 days at room temperature.