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Low-energy Consumption Technology for Industrial Production of Corn Fuel Ethanol

Xinchun JIANG1(), Jingshen OU1, Fan LI2, Hongcai ZHOU1, Yi TONG2, Xinshu ZHUANG3,*()   

  1. 1. Guangdong Zhongke Tianyuan New Energy S&T Co., Ltd.; Guangdong Province Biological Liquid Fuel(Zhongke Tianyuan) Engineering and Technology Research Center, Guangzhou 510640, China
    2. COFCO(Jinlin) Bio-chemical Technology Co., Ltd. (National Engineering Research Center for Corn Deep Processing), Changchun 130000, China
    3. Guangzhou Institute of Energy Conversion, Chinese Academy of Sciences; CAS Key Laboratory of Renewable Energy; Guangdong Provincial Key Laboratory of New and Renewable Energy Research and Development, Guangzhou 510640, China
  • Received:2020-05-20 Online:2021-07-30 Published:2021-07-10
  • Contact: Xinshu ZHUANG E-mail:Jiangxc@zkty.com.cn;zhuangxs@ms.giec.ac.cn


The new low-energy consumption process of corn fuel ethanol developed by our team adopted low temperature liquefaction, synchronous saccharification and batch fermentation of concentrated mash, three-tower differential pressure distillation and molecular sieve dehydration process and waste heat recovery technology from various sections of the plant. At present, it has successfully applied to a number of fuel ethanol distillery. Taking the Heilongjiang Hongzhan Science and Technology Co., Ltd. 300 000-ton fuel ethanol project as an example, the technical characteristics, energy consumption and product quality were compared and analyzed between the new and the traditional process. The results showed that the steam consumption, process water and amount of circulating water of the new process were reduced by 10.26%, 28.09% and 11.11% compared with those of traditional process, respectively. The production of 1 ton fuel ethanol could save 49 kg standard coal; thus 14 700 tons of standard coal could be saved annually and the energy consumption cost of fuel ethanol could be saved by about 8 million Yuan. At the same time, the product qualities of fuel ethanol and corn distiller's grains (DDGS) were in line with the national standards, some indicators were higher than the national standards, such as the purity of ethanol could reach 99.9%, methanol content was as low as 0.01%, crude protein content was 26.1%, crude fat content was 10.5% and the crude fiber content was 8.7%.

Key words: corn, fuel ethanol, distillers dried grains with soluble (DDGS), low-energy consumption, industrial production, new technology

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