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Development Status of Camphor Tree Resources Chemical Processing and Utilization Industry

Kailin MO1(), Bin WU1, Jiang LI2, Yonggang JIANG3   

  1. 1. Sichuan Academy of Forestry, Chengdu 610081, China
    2. Jiangxi Academy of Forestry, Nanchang 330032, China
    3. Forestry Bureau of Xuzhou District in Yibin City, Yibin 644699, China
  • Received:2020-09-21 Online:2021-01-30 Published:2021-01-25


Cinnamomum longepaniculatum, linalool and borneol in chemical types of camphor tree are characteristic Lauraceae tree species in China, with total area of about 80 000 hm2, and mainly distribute in Yibin and Guang'an of Sichuan Province, Ganzhou of Jiangxi Province, Nanning of Guangxi Province, Xinhuang of Hunan Province. The 1, 8-cineole, linalool and natural borneol which are contain in camphor tree leaf essential oil, are important export products, as well as the main raw materials for medicine, flavors and fragrance, and daily chemical industry. This paper summarized the characteristics and distribution of camphor tree resources, introduced the chemical composition and biological activity of C. longepaniculatum oil, linalool and borneol oil, the main products of camphor tree oil and their extraction, separation, purification technology, quality control, analysis and detection methods and existing technical bottlenecks, analyzed the current situation of camphor tree industry and its application in medicine, spices, daily chemicals, food industry and other industries. The existing problems of camphor tree industry in application basic research, terminal product research and development, national and provincial related planning, standardized raw material base construction, camphor tree oriented cultivation technology and other aspects were elaborated, which provided reference for the chemical processing and utilization of camphor resources.

Key words: 1, 8-cineole, linalool, borneol, processing industry, proposal

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